Why a NoSQL database is a huge asset in application development

Modern web application development has evolved significantly over the years because organisations are processing more data than ever before. In fact, research indicates that the world is going to produce over 59 zettabytes of data in 2020. Given the growing volume and complex nature of an organisation’s dataset, they require applications that can process the velocity, volume and variety of…

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Why a multi-modal database like Cosmos DB Azure is what you need

Databases, like Cosmos DB Azure, are crucial for modern web application development. A web application needs access to data to fulfil its functions, made possible by databases. So, it goes without saseying that selecting the right database is crucial for web application development. Most databases are lected based on certain prerequisites like structure, scalability, size and speed. However, while databases…

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Top 4 reasons to use Azure devops

Once, I was in a meeting with a group of businessmen and IT managers. I will spare you the details of why I was there, but I was only expected to observe how the meeting was going. A young man was explaining the benefits of Azure DevOps to his audience. His technical knowledge was impressive, the man knew Azure inside…

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What is Cosmos DB? How does it benefit businesses?

Nearly every business needs a database of some kind. With the world producing more data than ever before, and with companies realising the value of their information, databases are no longer just repositories of information. They are an integral part of business operations.  The right database can improve operational efficiency and provide value to business operations, which is why it’s…

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Blazor WebAssembly: The Future of Your Web Application Development

With Blazor moving towards a full release and, .NET 5 fast approaching, could web development that embraces .Net and WebAssembly resolve many of the challenges the expansive JavaScript environment has created? Dave Howell reports. Think about how your company currently develops applications for the Web. For the last two decades, JavaScript has reigned supreme as the core development language for…

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